Friday, 5 May 2017

Stepping down from duty

'Have you seen Eeyore lately?'
'Just yesterday...'
'I think you're supposed to add "as it goes".'
'How is he?'
'Stepping down.'
'How stepping down?'
'Well, presumably, from where he was to where he'll be.'
'He says it's for others to take on the baton.'
'I love that song: "Take on the baton / We'll have a baton of fun / Take-"'
'Staring disconsolately into pools of water and agreeing with that nice rambler Mr Beckett that, well, something is taking its course.'
'So what'll he do now?'
'Stare disconsolately at the sky and agree with that nice rambler Mr Beckett that we're on earth and there's no cure for that.'
'Ah...that'll be good for him.'
'Change is as good as a rest, Pooh.'
'Arrest for what?'
'Mud coming up. Watch your paws.'