Sunday, 27 May 2018

The Portswick Imp: Collected Stories, 2001-2016.

My collection of short stories is now out.  I hope that you will investigate, enjoy and spread the word about it.  Many thanks, I appreciate it, Michael
Michael W. Thomas
The Portswick Imp: Collected Stories, 2001-2016
ISBN 978-1-910322-57-4.
Black Pear Press,
Available from Black Pear, Waterstones and similar outlets.
‘Past, present and future meet throughout Thomas’s stories, and the meetings are not without consequence.  But there is humour, too, and the chance for the reader to alight in different places at different times.  Sunny San Gimignano.  The Black Country at the lowest season of the year.  An Irish farm circa Sputnik and The Twist.  An England undone by humanity; another England undone by the inexplicable.  A Midlands town seen through Grenadian eyes.  A Welsh landscape in which man becomes shadow, shadow becomes nothing at all.  With a quality that has ensured the publication of Thomas’ writing in titles as diverse as The Antioch Review, Muscadine Lines, Under The Radar, The London Magazine and the TLS,  the stories in The Portswick Imp open up lives in all their ordinary improbability.  Here, so often, is a desperation that refuses to be quiet but also an acceptance – laughing or simply wide-eyed – of a world where, in the words of one character, what is to come can feel like "the first yard of a desert" or, in the words of another, "the proper start."’  Black Pear


Monday, 7 May 2018

Early and Late: new publication.

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Many thanks. 
Early and Late. 
Poems by Michael W. Thomas.  Artwork by Ted Eames.
ISBN: 978-0-9929510-3-0
52 pp. Gloss-and-paperboard covers. £5.00
Publication date: May, 2018.

Over four sequences, Early and Late moves through the stages of life as the writer views them: from portraits of peers in primary school (inevitably faded by time) through the bronco-ride of adulthood to the condition of those who face endings of different kinds. (This last isn't necessarily mournful: endings can be a matter of renewed hope.)  The collection contains illustrations by artist and writer Ted Eames which, in different ways, talk with the poems and reveal further slants on their meanings.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018


'Are you absolutely sure, Piglet?'
'That's what Tigger said.'
'Ah…so you're not sure.'
'Eminently plausible, Tigger says.'
'But what on earth is the point?'
'Partly diplomatic and, well, partly lurve.'
'Good grief…how?'
'Well, he's marrying the first one for, you know, the lurve thing…'
'Thang, surely.'
'Sorry pardon.  And he's marrying the other one so that his country won't lose all its teeth if it has to opt for a Hard Biskit.'
'And Tigger didn't mishear the names?'
'No, Pooh.  He assured me that his auditory ambience was geared to the appropriate valences at this point in the stretched envelope.'
'Well, bless my soul.'
'I'm fresh out of robes and water, Pooh.'
'All right, well, leave my soul to its own devices, then.  I just can't believe - '
'You'll just have to, Pooh.  Harry Wails is wedding Meg and Merkel.'
'And when's it happening?'
'Very soon.  The Feast of Wembley.'
'Oh, gosh, I know that one.  Will that Good King Windlassless be there?'
'I think they just thaw him out for a few days in the dark season so he can look out of a window and then pop out for, you know, a bit of trodding with a sheaf of pages blowing after him.'
'I see.'
'Unless his people talk to Tigger's people.  If they do, it'll fuel speculation.'
'Fyoooo-elll, surely.'
'Sorry pardon.'